4 Reasons To Avoid Cheap Glasses

This post will discuss 4 reasons to avoid buying cheap eyeglasses.  Quality frames and lenses cost a little more, but the improvement in vision and durability are well worth the added expense.

1.  No Name Frames

When you purchase frames from a designer name you trust there is a corresponding assurance that your purchase will fit, perform, and hold up to your expectations.  Quality frames are designed well for both fashion and function and are made from quality materials. The best  Zyl comes from Italy and is more comfortable and flexible in nature.  Quality metal is nickel free, surgical grade stainless steel, or titanium.  The best hinges are from Germany and offer a full range of smooth motion without rattle or catch.  The best nose pads are silicone and not plastic that slip off the nose.

Best Advice:  Buy a brand name frame that fits your image and lifestyle.

2.  No Name Lenses

Lenses matter.  Ever look through cheap binoculars or an inexpensive telescope?  Quality lenses will come with quality anti-reflective coatings that will perform much better (easy clean surfaces) and last much longer compared to their less expensive counter parts.  Most camera manufactures have opthalmic lens devisions and I would highly recommend that when you buy lenses demand a lens you recognize.  I believe  Zeiss has the finest optics, but Hoya/Pentax, Nikon, and Kodak are also decent choices.

Best Advice:  Buy brand name lenses and anti-reflective coatings.

3.  Opticians Not Certified

Before you purchase glasses, take the advice of your eye doctor and make sure your optician is ABO certified so you can be confident they have the proper knowledge of available lens materials, lens options, and your prescription to make and adjust the quality glasses that you deserve.

Best Advice:  Deal with ABO certified opticians.

4.  Lowest Satisfaction

Its not surprising that Consumer Report in December 2010 found that some opticals that offered cheap glasses also had the most complaints about quality and service.

Best Advice:  Avoid Cheap Glasses

Interested in getting a quality pair of glasses that will fit you and your budget?  Come see an optometrist and ABO certified optician at Gray Family Vision today.

By Dr. Cook, O.D.

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