When Are Kids Ready For Contacts?

I am often asked by parents when are children ready to wear contacts.  Although there is no magical age when all children are ready, I generally believe that by age 10 most children are motivated enough and have the necessay dexderity to wear and care for contact lenses.  I do fit younger children, but with the understanding that parents will be willing to assist in the insertion,  removal, and cleaning (if necessary) process.

Contact Lens Benefits for Teens

Studies have suggested children have significantly better self perception about themselves, athletic performance, academic performance, and social acceptance.  Beyond better self-perception, contact lenses can also offer greater peripheral vision which can be an advantage over glasses for sports.

Caring for contact lenses is also easier than ever before.  I highly recommend daily disposable (single use) contact lenses whenever possible.  They offer the greatest comfort, convience, and lowest risk of infection compared to other contact lenses.  The prices for daily disposable lenses have come down in recent years to be less than some montly replacement lenses if you consider the price of the contact lens.

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By Dr. Cook, O.D.


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