What Causes Ocular/Eye Allergies (Allergic Conjunctivitis)

Ocular allergies begin when your body overreacts to an allergen causing a release of histamine and other chemicals. These chemicals cause the typical allergic symptoms of a red, swollen, itchy, watery eye.

What Are Common Ocular/Eye Allergens

The most common eye allergens are airborne.  Seasonal symptoms are generally associated with pollen and mold.  Indoor, the biggest culprits are dust and dander.

Allergy Treatment

The first step is having an eye examination that includes an evaluation for ocular allergies.  The location and severity of your allergies will determine the best treatment option.

Did You Know

Up to 50% of Americans have allergy symptoms.

If you have allergies and wear contact lenses, often the best and most comfortable lenses are single use daily disposable contact lenses.

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