What Are Floaters

Spots or floaters in the vision are shadows on the retina created by small  imperfections within the eye.  These imperfections increase as we age making them more numerous and noticable.  They are best seen in bright conditions and are commonly described as strings, threads, cobwebs, or ameombas.

What Causes Floaters

  • increasing age-the gel in the back of the eye breaks down as we age creating floaters.
  • vitreous detachment-age related changes eventually cause the gel to detach from the          retina.
  • retinal tear-a retinal defect that can lead to a retinal detachment.
  • retinal detachment-a condition where the retina peels away from the back of the eye.
  • inflammatory conditions-in this case white blood cells can accumulate and cause floaters.

When To Worry About Floaters

If you are first noticing floaters or have noticed a change in your floaters then you should have your eyes examined.   Since floaters can be caused by potentially blinding conditions, an immediate call to your eye doctor’s office to report your symptoms is recommended.  A delay of even just a day or two can result in permanent vision loss or even blindness.

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