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Welcome i.Terminal 2

Tuesday, May 28th, 2013

stage-zeiss-lens-fitting-207-2Introducing i.Terminal 2 

We are committed to providing you the best vision possible and are excited to have added the i. Terminal 2.  It is the most advanced centration system available today and it quickly and accurately obtains several key measurements necessary in the making of your eyeglasses.

No More Manual Measurements – 5X More Accurate !

i.Terminal 2  precisely determines  the centration of your lenses for you to see your absolute best.  Studies show that digital measurements are more accurate than even the best manual measurements as it allows for more natural eye position.

How It Works

A quick digital image of you with your new eyewear is obtained.  We then analyze the image to optimize the position of your lenses in your selected frame.

We continue to invest in new equipment because your vision is important to us.  This new technology is now available at both our Gray and Windham locations at no additional cost when purchasing eyewear from Gray Family Vision.