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3 Contact Lens Options For Presbyopia

Monday, February 28th, 2011

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Tired of your eyeglasses?  Here are three contact lens options for presbyopia. Reaching the age of wisdom does not have to involve giving up wearing contact lenses.  There are more contact lenses for presbyopia than ever before; so if you haven’t tried contacts in the past few years then you may consider trying them again.

1. The most popular bifocal soft lenses are all designed around a concept called simultaneous vision.  This is where both the distance and near prescription is presented in front of the pupil at the same time.  Your brain determines which part of the lens to pay attention to and which part to ignore.

Bottom Line: Best overall satisfaction for maintaining “normal” vision.

2. If multifocal lenses aren’t for you then you can also consider monovision.  Monovision is where your dominant eye is corrected for distance while your non dominant eye is corrected for near.

Bottom Line: A good alternative if not successful with bifocal contact lenses.

3. Another option is correcting distance vision in contacts and relying on over the counter style reading glasses at near when needed.

Bottom Line: Best for those that want the best possible vision at distance.

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By Dr. Cook, O.D.