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Improve Your Night Vision Driving

Wednesday, December 28th, 2011

Did you know that uncoated eyeglass lenses actually increase glare by reflecting light off the surface of your lenses?  The amount of reflectance varies depending on the material of lens used, but can be up to 16%.  In contrast, anti-reflective coated lenses not only decrease surface reflectance, but also internal reflectance which helps make your lenses look thinner and less visible.  They improve night vision driving and reduce eye strain while using your computer.

Anti-Reflective Coating Benefits

  • Improve night vision
  • Reduce eye strain on computer
  • Best looking lenses possible

There are differences between manufactures and the best quality anti-reflective coatings repel dirt/dust, reduce visible smudging, and offer greater scratch resistance.  Zeiss invented the process back in 1935 and I believe is still the industry leader, but Crizal, Kodak, Pentax, and Hoya are also good choices.

By Dr. Cook, O.D.